The 2017 campus recruitment of IceKredit has been in full swing

The 2017 campus recruitment of IceKredit has been in full swing: career talks in various colleges and universities will be held in Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Xian, Wuhan, Hefei and other cities in Oct. and Nov. this year. Our company sincerely invites aggressive and dauntless you to join our team and change the world with IceKredit.

SME Credit Evaluation System

Our company gives corresponding references to different links in enterprise credit process via hierarchical quantitative assessments to improve the operation efficiency and reduce artificial operation risks of financing institutions.

Individual Credit Assessment System

Composed with IceKredit Credit Score, Portrayal Analysis and Portrayal Big Data and develops IceKredit big data-based models using machine learning algorithms and traditional algorithms as technological support. The models are trained and regularly updated on millions of real loan data from banks, P2P lending companies, micro-credit companies, consumer finance companies, etc..

Anti-fraud Engine

Our company quantifies the executive results as fraud probability of applicants and compares clients’ actual business scenes with the threshold of fraud probability to reduce fraud risk and save the costs and resource for following credit evaluation.

IceKredit was invited to attend G20 Global Financial Forum for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

IceKredit was invited to attend G20 Global Financial Forum for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: IceKredit was invited to attend G20 Global Financial Forum for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and will gather in Beijing with a large number of senior executives and elites from various financing institutions, development financing institutions, non-bank investors, financial technology companies, policy making departments and regulatory agencies across the world to share frontier knowledge, mine depth data and get acquaintance to the best cases of global financial innovation.

Competitive Edge

IceKredit has the most cutting-edge machine learning algorithms in Silicon Valley. Our company explores and pursues constantly the application of machine learning and deep learning in financial technology field. At present, our technological reserves in term of machine learning (refers the codes of core algorithms developed independently by our modeling team) includes:

  • Single algorithm like Random Forest, Neural Network, Support Vector Machine, Decision Tree and the bagging algorithm of these single models
  • Cross validation methodologies applicable for machine learning algorithms
  • Stacking method for various of basic algorithms
  • Gradient boosting machine algorithm for Decision Tree
  • Semi-supervised learning algorithm based on SVM


Combining multidimensional data source, accurate credit models and strong business intelligence strategy system, IceKredit creates the petty loan- specialized credit reports for enterprises or individuals, which helps clients reduce bad rate effectively and simultaneously improve approval rate, as well as transfers clients’ data into tangible business value.


Customized Risk Management Solutions Based on different scenarios

IceKredit provides customized risk management and other related services for four major types of customers: banks, P2Ps, micro-lending companies and consumer finance companies. IceKredit not only customizes models for different types of customers, but also sub-divide these models into customized sub-models based on specific business procedures and application scenarios so that each customer will receive the best one-stop risk management solutions.

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